Fillie 1 We're loving the influx of trackers into the Bike Shed's inbox. They're lightweight, punchy and ridiculously fun to ride - and they're a lot more friendly around most cities than a stretched-out cafe racer. This one belongs to Philippe Gisgand, AKA Fillie, a friend of Bike-Shed builder Andy, and is fellow member of Belgium's Flying Hermans. Fillie 2 Fillie is 40 and lives in Ninove and is working with Andy on the Fly Low event, coming up on the 18th May (mark that in your diary, if you're anywhere in Northern Europe). Fillie 3 The bike is a 1979 Yamaha XS650 and is more than just a cosmetic overhaul. It's been fully rebuilt and repurposed for its new stance and attitude. Fillie 4 Apart from the obvious Flat Tracker rear-end the bike has also had the chassis uprated with progressive springs in the forks, with the bike suspended on a pair of Exel rims laced to Talon hubs with a Brembo caliper biting down at the front disc. A Tarozzi brace keeps things from getting squirrelly under turning. Fillie 5 Gas mounted shocks take care of the bumps at the back, via an aluminium item made my Motolanna. The engine is fed by a pair of big fat Dellorto carbs wearing K&N air filters. The audio is sorted through a two into one LeoVince SBK exhaust. The battery has also been ditched to save weight, which meant replacing the ignition for a power dynamo. Big boots are all you need on a proper tracker. Internal mods include an improved lubricating mechanism which pumps 50% more oil than the original item. Fillie 6 It took Fillie almost a complete winter to build his bike and Andy tells us "now he drives it like he stole it." Is there any other way? Fillie 7 Thanks to Andy for bringing the bike to our attention and to Fillie for letting us share it with all of you. Don't forget to save the date for the Fly Low event in May (one week before the BSMC III in London) . Fillie 8