FKC Zk400 FALS 800

Free Kustom Cycles is yet another Spanish workshop knocking on the doors of the custom brat/cafe scene, and we've been waiting a while to see what proprietor Marcos Vazquez would come up with next. This tasteful Kz400 is exactly what we were hoping for; simple class.

FKC Zk400 Tank & Lamp 800

The bike was built for João Novaes who knew exactly what he wanted; a bike with "classical essence'. It was completely disassembled, part by part, screw by screw, cleaned-up and rebuilt into this scrambler/brat hybrid machine, complete with pipe wrap and Firestones.

FKC Zk400 LS Seat 800

The engine had a complete facelift with the barrels cleaned and the covers polished. The carbs were re-installed with chromed conical competition filters, while the jetting was set up to improve the engine performance and fuelling. The rear of the subframe has been looped, but also vertically widened under the flat brown brat-style seat to hide the electrics and hold the ignition barrel in a really subtle way. The bike comes complete with a FKC keyring.

FKC Zk400 Ignition Key 800

New bars wear Biltwell Kung Fu grips, while the original brakes run braided steel Goodridge hoses. Simple pipes follow the cradle frame on both sides of the engine, exiting in a short reverse cone pair of Megatron endcans. Shiny engine cases and foot controls help the kickstart lever stand out - an essential item for those rare Steve McQueen moments outside the nearest roadside cafe.

FKC Zk400 RS Kickstart 800

48mm mini-Mini speedo and matt black headlamp with integrated stone guard keeps it tight at the front, although a lack of a front fender suggests she'll be a dry weather ride.

FKC Zk400 Rside 800

Cream and flat black paint with a pinstripe gives a timeless look and is by KILIAN RAMIREZ of PIC-ASTUDIO, who also did the photos.

FKC Zk400 Engine 800

Brown seat is flat but looks supportive.

FKC Zk400 Seat OH 800

And I'll leave the final comments to Marcos:

"Since long time ago we warned you and here they are !! The pics of our latest project !! If your follow our blog already know that this bike has taken time because it has been completely disassembled, screw to screw, everything needed to clean up and create exclusive pieces for her. I wanted to give special thanks to Gabri and Edu, for their help during the process. To Kilian Ramirez Caballero of PIC-ASTUDIO, also for your unconditional support, excellent paint job and these amazing pictures !! And especially to its owner João Novaes, for placing their trust in us to do the bike of his dreams?"

FKC Zk400 Wheel WA 800