On the eve of Christmas eve last year I was headed to the UK's south coast and figured I couldn't ride passed Foundry Motorcycle's West Sussex HQ with out popping in. The kettle roared, we chewed the fat and Tom & Alex talked me through a Triton project on the main workbench. Well, there's only one bench. Their meagre facility belies Foundry's ability to impress through build quality, rather than social media willy waving. The Triton was exhibited at Bike Shed London 2018 but I must confess the weekend was over in a flash and I didn't take the time to check the bike over properly. Not all is lost though, Bike Exif have the full feature over on their website with more images by Gary Margerum (click the above to enlarge). See more from the Foundry portfolio on Bike Shed Archive | YouTube | Facebook | Web | Instagram