Franzgarage Scrambler 1 A few weeks back we shared Franzgarage's Buell build, which was chock-full of performance upgrades and perhaps a little off-piste for The Bike Shed but there are more strings to the bow of proprietor Franz Pagnin, Nick & Teo, from Treviso. This CB750F was picked up for a client who wanted a cafe racer based on the ever-popular Honda in-line 4. The donor was a little dirty but otherwise mechanically sound, so she was brought back to the workshop for a tear-down. During the build Nick was messing around with some dirtbike wheels, and this sent Franz off in a new direction. He decided the bike should be a four cylinder dirt track bike. Franzgarage Scrambler 2 Unfortunately Franz's client wasn't so keen on the idea, but Franz was undeterred so the bike became his own personal project. ... Teo worked hard to fit an original 70's CB Four tank to the frame, giving the bike genuine old-school lines which follow the frame parallel to the ground and match the scrambler-style brown leather seat. Franzgarage Scrambler 3 Lighting, controls, instrumentation and suspension were all upgraded with piggy back shocks at the rear while the front forks wear corrugated gators to imply modest off-road manners - despite the solid wheels. Reverse cone end-cans were matched to carbs fed by conical air filter to aid performance and enhance the soundtrack. Franzgarage Scrambler 4 The bike was finished in classic metallic silver with old school Honda Wing decals and a number-board, complemented by the yellow headlight, and given some Hotwheels bling with red-painted brake calipers, carb-tops and breather filters. Franzgarage Scrambler 5 Franz is clearly very pleased with how the bike has turned out, since he opted to send us photos of himself riding it. We look forward to seeing more from Franzgarage on The Bike Shed. Also check them out on their own Facebook pages. Photographer Roberto Brodolini