Marcos Vazquez is the proprietor of Free Kustom Cycles, who, along side mechanic Jorge Camacho, has been building customs in Spain over the last couple of years.

Mechanic Jorge Camacho

Here is some of their latest work. The story of this 92 GS500 began a few months ago, when the owner, Ruben, came to us to make some small plates to cover his subframe. He's already made a few changes to his bike, but when he saw our work he decided to leave the bike with us and transform in into the machine he'd always dreamed of owning and riding. I knew I wanted the bike to have all the classic cafe racer lines and keep it's classical essence - so we set to work. We start by removing all the unwanted parts and sand blasting everything that was to be used again; chassis, bottles, seatposts, etc ... Once we had the bike back in our workshop, we started assembling the bike in the rough, and modified the parts needed to give the look that Ruben was looking for. We changed the standard aluminum rims for a 17" spoke wheels, which needed new axes and brake caliper brackets for the new discs. The motor had a complete facelift and the the cylinders were painted with black heatproof paint before we stripped back the edges of the fins to give a crisp edge to it's lines. The heads were painted silver. We cleaned the carbs and fitted a chrome conical competition air filter set up to get the best out of the motor. On the rest of the chassis we chopped the rear subframe, deluged and removed all the extraneous bits, leaving it as clean as possible, then painted it in Ferrari red to stand out and accentuate the lines. The fuel tank is from the original bike, but we welded some plates on the front to give it that classic cafe racer look. We then went on to make new collectors for the exhaust, and adapted some URAL baffles to fit, which had to be shortened and gutted inside, and then fabricated some new brackets to hold then into the endcans The back of the bike was complete remade by us, with a steel rear fender and fibreglass seat, upholstered by Midnight Rider, the company we use on all our bikes. Ruben wanted a very clean look for the rear, so all the electrics, battery, fuse box, connections, etc, were hidden here, finished off with an old-school round stop/tail light. We also made new footrests and supports from aluminium, trimmed the gear lever, the front fender, used Rizoma sport grips, plus we built all the brackets to house the the clocks and warning lights. The brief for the paint was to keep it classic but stand-out, and a head turner wherever she was left parked. To compliment the Ferrari red frame the re rest was painted black and bright silver, with metallic gold stripes and highlights, including the gold NEPS logo (Nada Es Para Siempre - Nothing is Forever) About FKC: We started out back in 2003 by opening an accessories and clothing shop, and since 2009 we've had the garage building any kind of bikes from HD and metric to choppers, bobbers, cafe racers, etc. Customers come to us with their ideas, we work with them, adding our experience and advice to come up with the best transformation that will make their bikes unique. We are also dealers of MOONEYES in Spain, and other well known brands, with an online shop and a blog where you can get the latest updates on our lifestyle and builds, as well as what we've been building over the last couple of years.