Massimo's DR600 1 We've been going on about Trackers for a while now, predicting they'll be heading up the pop charts of the new wave custom scene, but so far most of them have been based on Honda 650 Dominators and the odd XL/XR so it's good to see a Suzuki DR600 enter the arena, and this one has been put together by Massimo Rinchiuso, from Ravenna in Italy, also known as 'Fuchs'. Massimo's DR600 2 Fuchs tells us that he's "not a real biker" despite having nine bikes, and his reasoning is that his main passion is changing and rebuilding them. "My biggest reward is to bring a bike somewhere and watch the people that admires and says 'good job'... There is nothing more beautiful to me when someone tells me 'Bravo' for something I did with my hands." Well, to us this is precisely what being a real biker is all about. ...It is around here anyway. Massimo's DR600 3 Fuchs is fascinated by all things motorcycle related, mechanical and he loves tech in general, and he really enjoys working with carbon fibre and fibreglass. He spends most of his free time doing as much as he can to build "anything that you can create in a normal garage at home". Massimo's DR600 4 The starting point for this build was a 1986 Suzuki DR600 which was donated for free by a friend. There was no point in restoring a bike with so little second hand value, so he decided to have some fun and turn her into a scrambler/tracker. Massimo's DR600 5 Everything you see was designed and built by Fuchs, and all the metalwork was fabricated in Ergal 7075, using his lathe and CNC milling machine (just your average 'garage at home'). Massimo's DR600 6 The forks are from an '02 Yamaha R6 and the rear shock from an '03 R1. The exhaust is custom made in Inox and TIG welded, and the engine was completely rebuilt and restored to as-new condition. Massimo's DR600 7 The tank has been built in aluminum, and the rear seat unit is carbon-kevlar. The finished bike is very light at just 115kg, so despite the modest power from the 600cc single it's a blast to ride. (We know this feeling, ....Braaaap, braaaap) Massimo's DR600 8 It's a great looking machine, and being tracker converts here at the Bike Shed we hope this bike inspires more builders to play around with the DR600 platform. But if you like what you see and you're feeling lazy you could just buy this one as it's For Sale. Massimo's DR600 9 Thanks to Fuchs for sharing with all of us at The Bike Shed. You can see more from Massimo on his website.