SCRAMFER4-1 As the avalanche of BMW customs continues, we're still blown away by how different these builds can turn out considering how standardised this long-serving BMW R-series was from the 70s and into the early 80s. This R100 from Fuel oozes polite class and looks like the perfect steed for the next Distinguished Gentleman's ride. SCRAMFER5-1 Named "Scram 4TWO" by the Karles & Co, this 1983 R100 was commissioned out of Madrid by a customer who wanted the perfect urban machine for two-up riding through the city and beyond, plus he needed tasteful side-mounted luggage to carry his computer and some waterproofs. Most civilised! SCRAMFER7 The customer had seen Fuel's previous Scram build, which he loved, so he wanted to keep some features from that bike, including the tank design. SCRAMFER6-1 The seat was built by Xtrim Seats while the side-mounted luggage comes hand-made in military style from Russia with a custom mount. SCRAMFER7 COMBO The headlight has a new grille, and the rest of the lighting has been upgraded to better quality items. The braced handlebar has an enduro bend for leverage and comfort while new shocks keep the ride civilised for the new owner and his girlfriend. A new black-wrapped Hoske exhaust makes sure other road users hear them coming and give them plenty of room on the busy streets of Madrid. SCRAMFER10 The seat looks positively comfortable for a modern-day street custom. Powder-coated black snowflake BMW wheels look as good as they always do on this era of bike. All in all, she's a majestic beauty. SCRAMFER1 Check at more from Karles & Co at Fuel in Barcelona on the Bike Shed's Fuel pages, or on their own website HERE.