When it comes to in-yer-face muscle, the Z1000 set the benchmark at the end of the 70s with their slab-tanked Z1R and other derived models of the updated 900. The newer Zeds weren't as pretty as the originals, but many became suped-up streetfighters, and there are scores of bedroom wall posters out there of chrome & green Zeds with braced swingers and braided hoses. ...but not many of these bikes became cafe racers, and even less have been turned into the kind of old-school/new-components build like this beast from Galaxy Customs, featuring Gold USD forks, modern Monster-style fork-hugging angled headlamp and underslung zorst, mated to cafe seat and retro '59 graphics on black. Paint and seat-piping provide the Ace-Cafe creds for a ride round London's North Circlular in a pisspot lid and aviator goggles... While the beefy engine, fat USDs , Hydraulic double-disc brakes and three-spoke wheels should Streetfighter Mag and demand a Simpson Bandit and MA-1 over leathers.

Having first come across Galaxy customs through seeing the overtly masculine and chunky R1200R this bike seems band on-brand for these builders, and we'd like to see more.