GD MC Borrar 1 Yet again a small capacity custom has us all drooling down at the Bike Shed. A few years back most of us would sneer at anything on two wheels with less than 750cc and 100bhp, but how times have changed. Not only is small just as beautiful, in the case of bikes like this custom CG150 by GD Motorcycles, it's often a lot cooler. I guess we've grown up. GD MC Borrar 2 The bike was sent to us by Gabriel from Coronas Modificados, a group of riders that have been featured on our pages before, as bike builders, but with this build we've been asked to credit GDM as the work was done by Gaston Didonato. Gaston and Gabriel are both from Buenos Aires in Argentina, where the scene seems to be in full swing. GD MC Borrar 3 The donor bike had been crashed in a big way and was unrideable, so it was taken on by Gaston, who Gabriel describes colourfully as "...he´s kind of cross-patch person, although he´s young. I guess when he gets older he will put a stick in kid's bicycle wheels or will prick their balloon ! Like some kind of Beatles song "Mean Mr Mustard" mixed with the Arctic Monkeys´s "Teddy Picker". I think we get the idea, Gabriel! GD MC Borrar 4 So, the rebuild began with a whole host of replacement parts. The tank is from an old '60s Zanella (no, nor have we) but being a handy fabricator producing parts for Lambrettas, Gileras and Brit bikes, Gaston made the handlebar himself, along with other key components, plus, he chopped the frame, replaced the wheels, and mixed and matched parts from various bikes to put together his "Borrar". Not only does this produce a more original machine, it's a necessity, as sourcing off the shelf parts in Argentina isn't that easy. GD MC Borrar 5 After sorting the seat, exhaust, lighting and controls it was time for some paint, but subtlety wasn't on the menu, so the bike was finished in bright blue metalflake pain with some tasteful pinstriping and shading. GD MC Borrar 6 After all that work, letting the bike go, wasn't so easy. "When Gaston finished the bike he tried it out before selling, only to check if the bike runs good, and I must tell you that it was a really bad moment, cos he had a kind of repentance in taking this beauty out of his life… " We know that feeling. Every bike you ever sell looks its prettiest when someone else is wheeling it away. GD MC Borrar 7