In Gear Guide #63 we take a look at the Furygan Russell jacket, Thorogood Moc Toe boots and the latest design from T-shirt makers ODFU in conjunction with Zaeta motorcycles. furygan x

Furygan Russell Jacket

I have a soft spot for Furygan. As a youth when sports bikes were all that adorned my walls and dreams my jacket of choice would definitely have featured a Panther stalking across the back of it. But my motorcycling and clothing tastes have since moved on by regressing backwards a few decades and the thought of sporting a prowling predator on my clothing no longer holds the same appeal. A classic black leather motorcycle jacket, the simpler the better is now as exotic as I crave and thankfully Furygan can accommodate this too. Furygan a The Russel jacket is a relaunch of one of the French companies designs from the 70's rebooted with modern tech and construction standards. The ribbed shoulder and elbow sections visually hark back to a simpler form of protective wear but are reinforced with proper D3o armour. There is also a pocket for an optional back protector. It comes with a removable thermal padded lining, triple stitching throughout and a handy interior chest pocket which is accessible with or without the lining in. Furygan c The leather is super soft and of very high quality, a standard that is matched by the rest of the jacket. The ribbed leather and velcro adjusters at the sides and padded kidney section are design highlights along with the dark brass zippers and collar and cuff poppers which feature tiny Furygan panthers, a great detail. There is also a row of brass eyelets in the underarms for ventilation. It is a fantastic jacket on or off the bike and one I look forward to wearing in to a level of near destruction, although judging by the levels of construction, this may take a long long time. Review by Gareth Charlton


Thorogood a


Work boots have been staples for bikers for decades, as a practical everyday alternative to fully armoured motorcycle specific safety boots. The most iconic being the Redwing boot. A lesser-known manufacturer is Thorogood, who make boots of exceptional quality and have over recent years begun to challenge Redwings dominance. Thorogood have been manufactured by Weinbrenner Shoe Company since 1892. Thorogood has become a trusted source for everyday work boots, waterproof boots and insulated boots. A large number of these Thorogood boots and shoes are still made in the U.S.A. at Weinbrenner's Merrill and Marshfield, Wisconsin factories by highly skilled American workers. THoro b The Moc Toe boot is a seriously hardy piece of footwear. Of course these boots are not armoured, but are very sturdy and provide a decent practical level of protection, and are a boot that can be worn all day or night, on and off the bike. Made of high grade thick oil tanned leather with a single-density polyurethane MAXwear Wedge sole, which has a non slip tread, ideal for those wet greasy days, and particularly useful if kick starting an old thumper. These are comfortable to wear with a removable Dual Density Ultimate Shock Absorption™ Footbed on Poron® 4000 comfort cushion. These wear well out of the box, not needing the lengthy wearing in period of some of their competitors. thoro f If you oil these boots regularly they will retain a high degree of water resistance. “With the right care your Thorogood boots can last a lifetime.” These are a good-looking boot and just get better with age. They look terrific worn with jeans and leathers and look great both on men and women. The Moc Toe comes in two heights - 6” and 8”, and in tan and black. They are available at Bolt London. Review by Gareth Roberts


ODFU Zaeta 1

ODFU x Zaeta T-shirt.

Yes, yes, I know. Before the keyboard warriors fire up their critical finger tips let's confront the obvious, It is a T-shirt - in a motorcycle Gear Guide. It has abysmal abrasion resistance, no armour and in truth doesn't really require a road test or review. But the Gear Guide has always been a platform for us to share the kit we use, like and recommend and we happen to use a lot of T-shirts, and we really like this new design from British firm ODFU. ODFU Zaeta d Kevin Wilson, the head scribe over at ODFU (an acronym of One Down Four Up), has been collaborating with some great companies and individuals from within the custom scene. Designers Denton Watts and Ryan Quickfall have chipped in with art work and Kevin has done numerous designs himself for the likes of Old Empire Motorcycles and Sideburn magazine. zaeta odfu For this latest Tee ODFU teamed up with artisan Italian bike manufacturer Zaeta. Zaeta motorcycles were born out of a conversation between Paolo Chiaia and Graziano Rossi in which they both envisioned a lightweight drift tool for the flat track and beyond. It is an unmistakable machine featuring a CNC aluminium frame and a thumping 530 motor from a TM dirt bike. The artwork for the ODFU tee plays on the intricate and functional construction of the Zaeta and the playful nature of both the machine and the men behind it. It is worth noting that having seen Zaeta's used in earnest at recent events such as Dirtquake and the Malle Mile that heavy abuse won't see it broken in two… Zaeta grey FRONT As with all ODFU garments the T arrives lovingly wrapped in custom stamped brown paper and tied with string. It is this level of care and attention to detail that shows the passion and pride that ODFU instil and take in their products. Yes it is only a T-shirt, but it is a bloody nice one. Review by Gareth Charlton.