I’m buzzing (and slightly drunk) after a brilliant day with S6. Our good buddy, Grant Robinson came down to Spirit HQ to take some pics of our Triumph Dirt Twin. I’ve always been a big fan of Grant’s work, his approach and style is second to none and he always exceeds your expectations. I just wish he had brought his own lunch so I didn’t have to share mine. The pictures he’s taken are stunning, you just can’t see them yet! Check out more of his work here.

The late afternoon was spent riding S6, for the first time. It’s a funny feeling when you have spent months looking at a bike at close quarters. You start with the donor (shite) and then disassemble before slowly rebuilding in an altogether different guise. 5 months later you have a finished piece of automotive art that looks stunning but is untested as a moving motorcycle. this blog post> As is often the case there is no ‘special moment’ prior to the first ride, it’s a case of get the number plate on, get some fuel in, and get going, the light is fading and we need to get some miles under the belt. I’ll leave it to someone else to write about the riding experience but Kev and I both got off and said the same thing, despite having owned loads of really nice bikes, this is the best thing we’ve ever ridden. Spencer, we hope you feel the same, enjoy.

MCN visit Spirit HQ

Gary Pinchin from Motorcycle News came down to the workshop again to do a “snap’n’chat” about S6 before it goes off to it’s rightful owner this weekend. He’s a great guy, Gary, like-minded and easy going with stories galore, having reported on the British racing scene for many years. Dozens of pictures of the bike were taken, and everyone got nicely covered in Kentish muck and grime in the process! The article should appear in MCN in the coming weeks… Read more from Tim & Kev on Spirit's own blog