Now I can't tell you too much about this outfit or this bike, simply cos Cafe Racer Dreams are Spanish, and so is their website, but if you can read the lingo and want to hear it from el Caballo's mouth then check out the full story and spec here. However, I can tell you the donor bike was a Honda CB750 kz, circa 1979/1980 and that she has been beautifully chopped and rebuilt to very high standard by Pedro Garcia and his crew at CRD, and you can see for yourselves that the end result is mouthwateringly lovely.

The devil is always in the detail

Shocks are Showa, Bars are Renthal, Keihin carbs mix fuel and air for the 750 engine, with exit gases handled by a Megtron zorst, - and of course CRD's #3 bike sports the obligatory fat Firestone tyres. There's more spec (and more bikes) on the CRD website, and we hope Pedro will be happy for us to feature more of their creations here on the Shed. Hand stitched by virgin Peruvian pygmies using thread made from the fallopian tubes of a thousand hummingbirds... ...Probably.