Coming across quality pics of quality customs on ebay is becoming pretty common now, but finding a decent-looking cafe/custom ride on Gumtree is not the norm, so we were surprised to come across this bike for sale there, originally unearthed by petrolhead blog Grease & Gasoline. The bike was put together by TVC customs (we can't find them to set-up a hyperlink) and was winner of an unnamed custom show in the South of England. Apparently: We can't tell you too much about the bike, apart from what's available on line in the various Ads, but according to the blurb the donor is an '89 XJ600 with TVC tank, seat, battery box, foot pegs, bars and foot controls, but there's clearly more to it than that, as the swingarm and exhaust are not original equipment and you can see the lack of airbox, upgraded hoses and front suspension, etc. If you know this bike, or have an encyclopaedic knowledge of aftermarket bike parts, feel free to tell us more in the comments boxes below. Brighton Pier looks like it's still the place to gawp at late night beauties. At least this one won't vomit on your shoes when you get her home. Anyway, the bike seems to be for sale in multiple places and the price looks keen, so maybe take a look and see if it's still available - and save yourself some hard labour and skinned knuckles. All she needs is to lose the numberboard and hide those black screws on the seat unit... Pics by Ben from Deadmen's Motorcycles.