Gunnars Triple 1 Ever get the feeling when you cast your eye over something and convince yourself you've seen it somewhere before? No accident on this occasion as Gunnar's House of Customs has developed a style that sticks in the mind. Last October his Kawasaki Z750 was on show at the BSMC Event III and drew a constant crowd all weekend. Check out the link to read Gunnar's story and how he came to be a bike builder, workshop owner and purveyor of fine engineering. Apparently perseverance pays off, well it has in Gunnar's case. Gunnars Triple 2 Everyone knows the Triumph Speed Triple 1050, a perfectly capable bike that offers those shying slightly away from the mainstream a steed with punch and alternative looks. Gunnar had a 2007 model which he smoked around on for a year with no intention of waving his custom wand. Caution was thrown to the wind, sensibility parted with sense and the old girl ended up naked on the bench. Gunnars Triple 3 The carbon fibre top fairing was trimmed to suit the sweep of the new Renthal clipons and the tinted screen sculpted to provide a modicum of wind deflection but primarily a cutout was left so people can see Gunnar's grin as he rides by. Gold Renthal sprockets and matching DID chain pick up the precious hue of the other components, perfectly complementing the matt black paint; and Ginnar's Bell helmet. Gunnars Triple 4 Just out of this shot is the Acewell speedo, a combination unit replacing the clunky stock cockpit set up. Brake and clutch master cylinders and levers have been upgraded to Beringer versions. The headlight is a fairly generic, flat fronted unit with a dark tint applied. Lights off it looks mean and menacing, blending into the paint scheme. Lights on, it looks mean and menacing; in a Suzuka 8hrs sort of way. Gunnars Triple 6 The seat and tail unit were hand-beaten from sheet steel with a leather seat pad, in black of course. The flat lines and lack of hump visually even out the aggressive angle of the subframe. Speaking of which, this is an in-house fabrication too. Gunnars Triple 7 The carbon muffler spits out the used and abused gases that the Dynojet Power Commander worked so hard to compute and mix to perfection. The fat 200 profile rear Pirelli lays down the extra ponies produced and by the look of things Gunnar has been making use of the whole width, and a bit more. Since the photo shoot and sidewall grip exploration exercises a Hyperpro steering damper has been purchased, to be fitted forthwith. Gunnars Triple 8Keep an eye on Gunnar's Facebook page for future builds, and if you live near Bredene, Belgium and just need a service or tune up head down to the workshop.