We wouldn't normally be moved by a press release, but Moto Guzzi has done what we hoped they would, after seeing their faired cafe racer at the Milan show; they've developed a factory kit that includes a "featherweight" fairing and single seat unit for their popular V7 cafe racer.

They describe the kit as being inspired by the 1969 Moto Guzzi V7 Record prototype, "an endurance racer that set numerous speed records for Moto Guzzi in days gone by, including one at Monza Speedbowl Circuit where the V7 achieved an average speed over 1000km of 128mph". Well, whatever inspired them, I'm glad they put inspiration into metal and fibreglass and created some lovely add-ons to make the nifty little V7 even more unique in the new bike marketplace - and it just bolts on, even using the standard headlight. Good on 'em.

The kit costs £1,399.99 so it ain't cheap, but then again, it's not gonna break the bank either. To me it's tipped the balance from being a bike I quite like, into a bike I really like, and would happily own.

You can fit the kit to any of the V7s, although those with handlebars will require the factory clip-ons, but again, it all just bolts on.

Well done Guzzi, but if you need any more "inspiration" for future factory kits or even base models, here's Christian's lovely Guzzi...

...and Kev's take on the V7. Yes please....