HCG #20 Honda CX500 1 Yes, it's yet another really nice looking CX500, but this one looks a little more different than all the other 'different' looking Honda transverse twin workhorses - and it's mostly down to the tank. Perhaps Federico and the guys at Herencia Custom Garage in Argentina have taken a leaf out of Blitz's book, where they very successfully re-drew the lines of the BMW R-Series custom by sticking an XT500 tank on one (logos and all). HCG #20 Honda CX500 2 It's a brilliant transformation, taking the bike's overall bulk down a notch and allowing the engine to really stand out and dominate. The black swoosh painted into the base of the tank enhances the look even further. Take away the big battery and fit a Bates-style headlamp, shrunk back between the upper forks, and suddenly the Honda is all 'powerplant & wheels', with minimal provision for sitting and steering. "So much less, is even more". HCG #20 Honda CX500 3 The donor is a 1980 Honda CX500 which came with a sound engine, needing no more than "a little work on the carbs" to get her running properly. No surprise as these bikes appear to be indestructible. The triple clamps, front suspension and brake caliper come from a 2010 Triumph Bonneville T100 and the rear suspension runs progressive springs. HCG #20 Honda CX500 4 The black-wrapped exhaust was built by HGC and ends in a megaphone silencer, while footpages are adapted motocross items. Rear lamp matches the Bates up front in LED. You'll all now be familiar with the standard CX500 Comstar wheels, which are loved and loathed in equal measure, but we think they really work on this build. They've been painted black and are wearing Coker tyres. HCG #20 Honda CX500 5 The rear subframe was completely rebuilt to accommodate the kicked-up bench seat, and the tank comes from a Honda XL. The replacement radiator comes from a KTM 690 and is joined by another very modern component; a small, light weight Lithium battery, which is hidden down by the gear box. HCG #20 Honda CX500 6 Federico tells us that she is lovely to ride, and to be honest it almost doesn't matter, she just looks right. Possibly the best CX500 we've ever seen, which is saying something considering how many nice ones seem to be cropping up these days. HCG #20 Honda CX500 7 Go'wan, tell us you don't love this bike... We definitely do. See more from Federico and Herencia Custom Garage on The Bike Shed and on their website or Facebook pages.