HCG P17 1 With six in-line cylinders the Honda CBX 1100 was never anything but a big bike, but somehow Federico Lozada and German Karp from Herencia Custom Garage have managed to give this build, for Mariano Arcioni, a minimal silhouette and an almost lightweight look. HCG P17 E The bike belonged to Arcioni's brother and he was just about to sell it, fortunately the bike was rescued and put into the safe hands of the Federico & German for a serious makeover. HCG P17 C The initial inspiration that came from Arcioni was a Tarmac Custom Motorcycles' CBX (as featured on The Bike Shed earlier in the year), so the guys knew right from the beginning what expectation they had to meet, or surpass. "That is why we worked more in the details and finishing of the bike. We intended to make it a fine motorcycle by redesigning it and painting it, because it was so exaggerated and ordinary as a stock bike." HCG P17 G The donor is a 1980 Honda CBX1100, with an actual 1050cc displacement. The engine was rebuilt and made good, feeding a six into one DG exhaust. The yokes and Ohlins suspension were donated by a Ducati Multistrada 1200 along with the discs and front brake calipers. The rear suspension is also upgraded to Ohlins for a silky smooth ride on the bike's OEM Comstars which were treated to black paint and a set of Coker tyres. The rearsets were adapted from a set of motocross foot controls. HCG P17 F The overall goal with the frame and bodywork was to get the bike as lean and light as possible, while retaining an old school look, so as well as ditching anything heavy or ugly a lightweight Lithium battery was fitted. The tank was also chopped for a slimmer profile, and repainted with a vintage look. HCG P17 D We don't need to tell you that this is one great looking motorcycle, and with Ohlins equipment properly setup to carry 1100ccs of Honda six-cylinder power she should be a beauty on the tarmac too. Big thanks to Federico and the guys at Herencia Custom Garage for sending her in for us to share on The Bike Shed. HCG P17 B See more from HCG on The Bike Shed and on their website and Facebook pages. HCG P17 H