Henry Bell's first build was this lovely little Honda CJ360T which he didn't originally buy with a home custom build in mind, but once you start fiddling it's almost impossible to stop... "I picked up a very cherry 1976 Honda CJ360t about two years ago with only 7,000 miles on the clock. Someone had already converted it to 'tracker' style, and i wasn't a huge fan. I brought it home, rode the wheels off of it, then decided i wanted to change a few things, so I started removing stickers." "Next thing I knew, she was in pieces on my garage floor as I journeyed on my first rebuild project. The end result was a screaming Honda CJ360 I titled "Elvira." "She weighs in at about 280lbs, has a steering damper for stable riding at speeds, low clip on bars for a very cozy, albeit race ready, riding position. Stock the bike is supposed to max out at 93mph, and I was able, with my modifications to intake, exhaust and weight decrease, get the bike to hit the ton and then some." Henry - what can we say... Keep on riding, but also, keep on building.