Hoxton 60 Rep 1 Hoxton Moto is a You Tube channel 'made by bikers for bikers'. But as well as making short films for the channel, Shaun builds bikes like this CB400/4 race replica for fun. It was the sight and sound of the original TT winning Hondas from the 60's blatting around Mallory Park that inspired Shaun to recreate the same thing for the road. And what a great job he's done. Hoxton 60 Rep 2 Shaun found this '73 model on Ebay in half decent nick and set out to mimic the racing Honda’s of the 60’s on a tight budget. Not for racing, not for show, but for hooning down country lanes with his race face on. It might have been a tight budget, but it's still a long list of mods. Hoxton 60 Rep 3 The steel rims were swapped for ally, and Avon Road Runner tyres were fitted. The front disc was ditched in favour of a more period authentic drum. A replica ally tank was made and fitted with a monza cap and securing strap. And the original seat was junked and the frame modified to take a K3 seat. Hoxton 60 Rep 4 Down pipes and megaphones were sourced from Dave Swarbrick and baffled for road use. But don't think for one minute that it's ruined the sound, check out a clip of the bike on You Tube, it sounds sensational. Standard foot pegs were swapped for rear-sets and clip-on’s replaced the standard bars. The instrumentation panel was custom made to house a Veglia Rev-Counter, speedometer, warning lights and ignition switch, and a Boyer ignition was fitted along with a quick action Venhill throttle and Magura levers. Hoxton 60 Rep 5 Shaun says that fitting the fairing and fabricating the mounting brackets were the fiddliest parts of the whole build. A box full of bent 10mm pipes bares testament to the fact. Finally, the bike was finished off with the obligatory red & grey paint job that's synonymous with the racing Hondas from 'Mike The Bike's' era. Hoxton 60 Rep 6 Shaun says the ride is surprisingly comfortable, with good power and decent braking. In fact, he says he's surprised by how much he enjoys riding the bike full stop. It feels like he's riding a bit of motorcycling history - crouched down riding position, chin on narrow tank, taking on modern machinery in the twists (but getting smoked on the straights) and getting a load of attention wherever he goes. We're not surprised. Seeing a bike like this on the road would make our day, but it's hardly likely to happen. So instead, go to www.hoxtonmoto.com to see and hear this bike on film. Its a proper treat. Or better still, get yourself down to the BSMC III event in London this May and see her in the flesh. Thanks for sharing Shaun.