Pauls K100 Rebuild 1 It's not often we get to feature the same bike twice, but thanks to Paul's mate Kev and some handy insurance cash, this K100 was brought back to life for an upgrade, and a second outing on The Bike Shed. Pauls K100 Rebuild 2 The first incarnation of Paul's BM ... here went down well, but 4 months later it went down hard on Tunisian tarmac causing enough damage for the bike to be declared an insurance write off. Bummer. Pauls K100 Rebuild 3 But out of adversity, came triumph. Paul bought the wreck and used the money for a full rebuild, deciding to take the bike in a different direction this time. There was little point in doing the same thing again, no matter how pretty it was. Besides, this time he fancied a bit of a performance upgrade too. Paul found out he could get four pot calipers on the front if he installed a complete K1100 front end. But then he thought, if it was worth taking the bike 5 years into the future, why not take it 20 years? So he searched the wreckers for an USD front end. He wanted a 3 spoke front wheel to match the K1100 rear wheel he had already sourced. Turns out a 2000 model Yamaha R1 was the best solution. Pauls K100 Rebuild 5 Paul went back to Valley Engineering to get their help in mating the Yamaha clamps to the BMW post. There were, understandably, many fiddly issues involved. From wiring and cables, to a new K1100 master cylinder to drive the new calipers. Paul also chose to move the ignition block to under the tank to keep the dash nice and clean, and replace the headlight with a Yamaha MT-03 unit from the UK. Pauls K100 Rebuild 7 The finished bike is better than Paul hoped for. It now rides like a modern motorcycle. Pirelli GT tyres and the new front end have transformed the handling. The "Hornet Mach II" is a success. This time Paul has a bike that looks just as good as 'Mach I' but now has performance to match. On top of that, he is now armed with more skills ready to use on his next build. Great news Paul, but please don't feel like you have to throw this one down the road just to give you the excuse. Read Paul's blog about the rebuild here