Inazuma 1 It's not often you get a build in from a fellow bike blogger, but despite the fact that we're all in the same game, we're all mates and we do like to support each other as much as possible, so, we're very pleased to present this latest build from Luciano - aka Luke, but even better known as the fella behind Inazuma Cafe Racer. Inazuma 2 Inazuma Luke’s GSX750 “BSTA” by FMW "This is the latest version of my 2002 Suzuki GSX750. The frame and the bodywork is the result of the work just performed by my friend Lorenzo Fugaroli in Ancona, the talented Fugar Metal Worker, based on my project. Her name is Inazuma. Or, better, that's the name the Japs gave her when they planned to install an award winning racing engine on a classic tube frame and sell an old school naked, superbike-like motorcycle. Inazuma 3 In the late 90's that's was very common. Needless to say that they de-powered the 1200cc engine, in order to get the torque of a lorry, remapped the 750cc power train for everyday use, and they also produced a 400cc version, to comply with the Japanese regulations of those years and cover the far East market. In Italy, this bike didn’t have a great success. In Germany and France, where the function is over form, they rode her even to get to the bathroom. Inazuma 4 Personally, I purchased my Ina ten years ago from a friend. I was so excited to get back on two wheels after a while. And for a while I rode it the way Suzuki intended it. At the beginning I loved her. Then I rode it when needed. And finally, I was used to say her hallo in the garage, back from work at night... The way you do with the fiancées, who become wives: eventually you still like them but you make love less and less. Inazuma 5 So what? Well, in 2010 I customised my Inazuma for the very first time. And I was so excited of the result that I started my own Cafe Racer blog. In other words, rather to find another love affair, or a new wife, I decided to bring my old baby to the plastic surgeon... Since then, I never stopped riding and blogging. Uh... I was forgetting... Her nickname is BSTA... It stands for Broad Shoulders, Tight Ass! That's the way my friend Frankye named my bike when he first saw it in FMW shop floor... Do you think is too derogative for a gentleman's ride? Inazuma 7 Specs. Chassis: Stock front-end, revised forks with Ohlins springs and high density oil. GSX1200 triple tree top. Accossato one-off clip-on’s. Rear end: Bitubo shocks. Pirelli Diablo Rosso II tires. Powertrain: Stock engine: DOHC 4 Cylinder Oil/Air cooled, 16 valve, 750 cc. Power (crankshaft): >86 HP @ 9500 rpm Torque: >66.7 Nm @ 8500 rpm. Dynojet stage 1 carburettors kit and K&N air filter. 4-1 stock exhausts. Muffler and connection pipe by Mass. Tuning by Café Triple. Frame and bodywork: Subframe raised approx 5 cm, entirely rebuilt and handmade by FMW in Ancona. Omega Racer's adapted seat. Custom side panels, handmade and pinstriped by FMW. Raised gas tank. Kompo-tech front fender on modified Norman Hyde’s aluminium mounting bracket. Custom registration plate holder by FMW. Billet aluminium bar end mirrors. Modified headlight brackets. Paintwork by Tony Raia. Electrics: Motoscope Classic multifunction tachometer by Motogadget. FMW custom billet aluminium gauge bracket. Repositioned aluminium bullet indicators. Fuel level gauge cup by FMW. Rear light by Café Race. Inazuma 6 Thanks for sharing the build that started it all, Luke. See more from Inazuma Cafe Racer on Luciano's Blog and check out more from the builder on FMW's Website.