Ivan De Bie CB350 Four 1 Shed builds, Pro builds, and now School builds. This lovely CB350 was Ivan De Bie's school thesis, which he dutifully worked on while at school in Westerlo, Belgium. Ivan De Bie CB350 Four 2 Ivan was given the choice of rebuilding a bike from the school or bringing in his own, so he looked on the web and found a '76 Honda CB400 Four that had a '72 CB350 four engine bolted into it. He bought it, took it in to school, took it apart and rebuilt it, inspired by what he saw on www.CB750cafe.com. He only had six, fifty minute sessions each week to work on it, so clearly a lot of additional hours were spent on it at home. That's the kind of homework we wouldn't have minded doing. Ivan De Bie CB350 Four 3 The chunky front end look comes from the Paioli front forks which are from an unknown Yamaha. The 3 spoke wheels he 'stole' from a known Yamaha, a TZR250 (hopefully not literally.) The wheel upgrade meant a braking upgrade was on the cards too. So Brembo 4 piston calipers went onto the front and 2 piston calipers went on the back. Ivan De Bie CB350 Four 4 The knee dents in the tank were hammered in with a hammer. Yes, a hammer - never blame a lack of tools for holding back your custom building abilities. The seat and tank were both hand painted. The exhaust muffler came from Supertrapp and was shortened by Ivan. The clipons are from Gilles Tooling. The dashboard only has one big RPM gauge now. It's actually the original gauge, with a curved iron plate wrapped around it which was cut from an old BBQ and finished off with an aluminium trim. Hammers, BBQ's...we love a bit of make do and mend in the shed. Ivan De Bie CB350 Four 5 The engine was stripped right down. All bearings, gaskets and chains were replaced. New pistons were fitted, a re-bore was carried out, and the ignition was replaced by an electronic one. Keihin CR26 carbs now grace this build, and according to Ivan they are probably the most expensive thing on the bike. Ivan De Bie CB350 Four 6 This was Ivan's first build and he rightly declares himself happy with the result. He does mention that it wasn't without its problems. The tank had to be re-painted as he wasn't happy with the first attempt, and the same goes for the electrics too. But trial and error is all part of the fun right? Last year this bike finished third in the Belgium magazine “Motorrijder” Self build contest, which is pretty impressive for a School build. We wouldn't bet against Ivan's next project, a Ducati GT 1000 getting the top spot next year. Be sure to wheel it into the Bike Shed when it's done Ivan.