Jasin CB400 1 We are seeing a lot more of the later, mid eighties CBs being customised these days. The wheels may be pressed rather than wire spoked, and the tanks may have a less classic shape, but the engines are a little more pokey and reliable, plus you get the benefit of disc brakes and best of all, the donor bikes are cheaper too. Jasin CB400 2 This tastefully built cafe/brat-style hybrid CB400 is a 1983 bike and was built by Adam Jasinski under the new brand name, Jasin Motorcycles. Jasin CB400 3 They were previous known as ATJ Project MCs. Adam has worked on the CB platform a few times over now, and seems to have found his groove with 80s Hondas, and this is our favourite so far. Jasin CB400 4 This bike was hanging around in the garage for a while as Adam and his crew had other bikes to finish, but eventually they got around to the build they'd wanted to produce for a while; blending a cafe style bike and seat with Brat-style crosser bars and riding position. Jasin CB400 5 The wheels, tank and front suspension were retained from the original bike, while the frame was chopped at the rear to accommodate the cafe style short seat, which was hand made in black leather with yellow stitching. Jasin CB400 5a The tank was remodelled and painted in a brownish bronze & off white. The front headlamp and clocks are from a 1971 Kawasaki Ltd 250, with yellow details added to complement the seat stitching. Jasin CB400 6 The exhausts were renovated no-brand items while the airbox has been removed and pod-style air filters fitted, providing a much better sound track between 5000 and 9000rpm and decent acceleration. The rear light and grips are from a 60 year old BSA (purists, look away) with vintage style mini indicators. Jasin CB400 7 It's a lovely bike and we're really grateful to Adam for sharing it with us. We look forward to seeing Jasin MC's next build.