JasinMC CB400 1 Our inbox pinged, and once again Warsaw came calling with a new CB400 build from Adam & Tom Jasinski, AKA Jasin Motorcycles, but this time their donor of choice is configured as a Street Tracker, and is properly branded. JasinMC CB400 3 The Jasin builds are a lesson in simplicity and affordable, achievable, customisation, leaving the original suspension, clocks, wheels, engine and even the battery location in place, while concentrating on the oldest - and best - method of customising a bike; throwing away the excess parts and replacing the essentials with prettier, lighter and better items. Just add some classy paint with a brand logo and the job is well done. JasinMC CB400 10 The main mods in this build start at the back, with a chopped rear subframe to support the new black, low profile tracker-style seat, which is tastefully white-stitched in a segmented pattern. JasinMC CB400 5 The 80s tank, which has the distinctive drop towards to where it used to meet the absent sidepanels, was remodeled and painted in a silver, black and muted gold - and for the first time it proudly bears the JASIN Motorcycles badge. JasinMC CB400 2 Motocross handlebars wear 60 year old white grips, to reference the white stitching on the seat. The rear lamp is of the same vintage, matched to modern mini indicators. JasinMC CB400 6 The original exhausts were renovated, while the airbox has been removed and pod-style air filters fitted, providing a much better sound track between 4000 and 9000rpm, and decent acceleration - a formula that Adam & Co have tried before so they know it works. JasinMC CB400 7 Matched Pirelli tyre sizes on the OEM wheels give that modern retro brat-style edge to the bike's look and stance and for extra cred the bike doesn't wear a front fender (so no puddle-jumping), and the shortie fender at the back is raw metal. JasinMC CB400 8 Adam and his brother Tom are extremely happy with how this bike has turned out. They love the aggressive riding position and the way it handles, and we think it looks the part too - and it's great to see the guys having the confidence to badge their latest build properly. Top work fellas, and we look forward to seeing your next bike. JasinMC CB400 9 See more from Adam & Tom at JASIN Motorcycles in their Bike Shed category page. JasinMC CB400 11