JB ALu 4 When Junior Burrel's CM400 cafe racer first hit the cafe/custom niche it went down a storm, and since then JB has continued to make a name for himself with not just his builds and his brand - RetroMoto - but with his overall contribution to the scene. JB ALu 3 The bike is back under the spotlight because JB build this stunning hand-beaten aluminium fairing for the bike, in just six days, as he was getting the bike ready for the One Show. Leaving the fairing in it's raw aluminiun finish really showcased the work that went into it, as does the lack of a separate transparent screen or headlamp cutout. The bike just screams look at me, with it's brutish front end. JB: "I built the copper headlight since I couldn't bring myself to cut a hole in the fairing". We don't blame you, dude. JB ALu 1 Since the last time the bike was showcased on The Bike Shed JB has also built and added a 3" extended swing arm, and hefty XR1200 rear shocks, which have made a considerable change in the bike's the geometry. JB ALu 2 JB is currently in the process of going full time with his shop and has begun taking on full builds along side all the parts he's making. JB ALu 5 "I also have the 3RM build going on with Logan Miller from Rust Revival and a couple of guys from Do The Ton for the Barber Vintage Festival." JB also won the recent 'Bike of the month' there. JB ALu 7 Photos are by Dale Martin and you can visit JB's shop, RetroMoto, HERE. JB ALu 6