Jerikan 7 R65 1 The adventure began when Jérémy Semmel was living in Paris and met up with John & Nico from 4h10. The guys were making a video of Paris by night with vintage bikes, sparking an interest that grew into a passion. One year later Jérémy opened a bike repair business in Nice, in the Cote d'Azur, in the south of France and soon Jerikan was to be born. Jerikan 7 R65 2 It wasn't until Jérémy's fifth build, a Honda CB750, that the Jerikan brand was properly established. His painter "Ortolani", who is very well known in Nice, created the simple and very sober "JK" logo. The rest is recent history and we hope we can help tell the story here on The Bike Shed, starting with this build, Jerikan's seventh bike and Jérémy's third BMW - a rough & ready beauty, perfect for blatting around the back streets and windy coastal roads around Nice. Jerikan 7 R65 3 Jérémy chose to build on the R65 base as they're cheap and readily available compared to the bigger cc R-series bikes. As more and more people are turning them into desirable, reliable brats and scramblers, prices of the bigger sized R80 and R100 donors are starting to climb - although they're still a lot more affordable than a Triumph or Guzzi donor. Jerikan 7 R65 4 There is also an inherited sense of value that comes with the BMW brand, not often found on other bikes: "I love the architecture of the flat twin and its really pleasant to drive. In France this brand has a luxury rating so it is easy to re-sell". Jerikan 7 R65 5 The tank comes from a R100 while the frame was reworked to accommodate a flat scrambler/brat style seat to accommodate two (providing the pillion is a petite French girl). Jérémy loves antiques and objects with a visible history, so although he chose quality parts and accessories for the bike, like Motogadget speedo and the Crime Scene Choppers gas gap, he also wanted to recycle originals parts where possible. Jerikan 7 R65 6 FBC Jérémy also has an acute attention to detail and while the brown and gold finish of the bike is artificially worn-in he likes to use the same high quality lights, turn-signals, bars, and switch gear. On this bike he's used Brooks grips, which perfectly complement the brown leather seat. Jérémy also likes to be extra tidy with all the electrics and cables, which he feels is part of the Jerikan signature of quality. Jerikan 7 R65 7 The engine has been rebuilt freshened up to last for another 100,000km, then painted and sanded for as as-new finsish, while the exhaust has been reconditioned and is loud enough to be heard without getting too much attention from the local Police. And before you all write in and ask, the helmet on the seat is an AF40 Arthur Fulmer from 1971. Jerikan 7 R65 9 We're very pleased to feature Jérémy's build and look forward to showing many more bikes from Jerikan here on The Bike Shed. See more on the Jerikan website. Photo credits go to Pierre Turtaut. Jerikan 7 R65 B