Jerikan BMW R100 1 THUMB Elegance, so often the preserve of a finely attired lady, is a quality that when suitably instilled into a machine can lend it a similarly irresistible air. It is the key attribute (along with its inevitable cohort simplicity) that Jérémy and Mark from Jerikan motorcycles seek to apply to their machines. Twelve motorcycles down and it is fair to say they have the formula for elegance nailed. Jerikan BMW R100 2 BMW boxers have been the primary subjects of Jerikan's attentions but their back catalogue also houses a pair of honda CX500's, a smattering of CB's and a lovely Kawasaki Zephyr that had previously slipped my notice. For build #12 they have returned to their Bavarian favourite. Jerikan BMW R100 3 The donor Beemer is a R100/7 of 1977 vintage which underwent a full mechanical rebuild before the Jerikan gentlemen set about their work. Jerikan state that there is not much to tell of the machine, Jérémy describes the process simply enough. "As we want, and as we know how to do, we make beautiful bike, with simplicity, really trendy and elegant, with innovative technologies." But as ever with elegance, the devil lies in the details. Jerikan BMW R100 4 The rear frame was de tagged and the loop modified before the complete unit received a coat of matte grey. The grey only ever intended to provide the perfect contrast for the impending body colour to flourish. Jerikan BMW R100 5 The Motogadget cookie jar was well and truly raided of goodies for this lucky R100. The switchgear, indicators and speedometer all receive their flow of electrical juice from the familial M-unit. The indicators are particularly snappy, wrapping around the front forks just below the bottom yoke and at the rear tucking tidily beneath the mudguard in the integrated rear light unit. Jerikan BMW R100 7 Every cable received a protective jacket of inox stainless steel hosing, a classy touch that almost camouflages the cables with the mechanicals and frame of the bike whilst adding practical longevity. The beautiful triple stitched, quilted, camel coloured leather seat hides within its profile a Solise lithium battery. Jerikan BMW R100 8 Now for that stunning paint. Jerikan chose a colour so sumptuous that they could not limit its presence to a mere tank. Accessorising is the name of the game with the mudguards, headlight bucket, rear shock top and bottoms and even the bars receiving a deep coat of the moody blue. Nothing was overlooked, even the engine lettering, HT lead covers and fuel switch mount co-ordinate with the outfit. Jerikan BMW R100 9 Here #12 is photographed alongside #10, a Honda CB400n, in the intriguingly lit Jerikan workshop in Nice. The pair proudly displaying the family badge. Jerikan BMW R100 10 It is a truly lovely looking machine, executed with the attention to detail you would expect from such a professional outfit. The last words come from Jerikan. "We wanted it simple and really elegant, just as we like motorbikes and I think we made it… As I always say simplicity and sobriety are the fuel (essence) of Jerikan." Follow their work on the The Bike Shed | Web | Facebook | Instagram