Josh Mott is just 22 years old, but is the proprietor of JMR Customs in Boise, Idaho in the US and part-time desert racer. Looking at the styling of this Goldwing custom (yes, it's a Honda Goldwing), you won't be surprised to hear that his background is in offroad motorcycle racing. The outcome is brute force meets tracker/scrambler. If someone rides this over the top of your car, it's gonna leave a mark!

"This 1981 GL1100 came to us as a wreck. The previous owner laid the bike over on the right hand side and broke the valve cover and bent the cam shaft. We originally built this bike as a dual purpose machine but as soon as we got it done we realized this bike was more of a stripped-down sport bike. When you first look at the bike you think it's gonna be very heavy and bulky, but it’s the total opposite, in fact you can get this bike into a corner so hot it will scare you. I know because I laid into a corner, touched a pipe on the ground, and it was almost game over, lol."

1100 CCs of practical tourer, laid bare for all to see...

"The bike had a little over 40,000 miles on it and wasn’t in too bad of a shape. We rebuilt the motor, the carburetors and built a set of 2 1/4 inch exhaust pipes. Then rebuilt the suspension, added Renthal 7/8 dirt bike bars, dual sport tires, Baja designs headlight, some paint and powder coat. Basically, we put the bike on a 250 pound diet and ended up with a 95 hp, XR looking, very fast, and superb handling motorcycle that we call the GL1100X."

So, when you get your head around the idea of a "95bhp XR1100" it kinda makes sense. And there are more naked wings out there too. Thanks for sharing this build with us Josh, and we look forward to seeing more from JMR Customs.