Jones Customs CB750 Brat 1 Jones customs are best known for building Harley Sportster based bobbers, but proprietor Ant Jones is also a big fan of the Japanese custom scene and loves the likes of Brat-Style and Crazy Orange, which means he's more than happy to find a home for those surplus Sportster parts he always seems to have left over - by putting together the odd Japanes Brat, like this one, based on a 1979 Honda CB750. Jones Customs CB750 Brat 2 It's great that Ant's problem is the solution to most builder's big issue - sourcing non-metric-style parts to go on their Japanese project bike. This build is running a lowered Sportster front end which needed a new Honda stem machining to mate into the narrow Sportster yokes. Jones Customs CB750 Brat 3 The front four-pot brakes are also from a Sportster, as are the chrome rims laced to the hubs with black chrome spokes and shod with a fat Firestone Deluxe on the rear and an Avon Speedmaster up front. Hmmm. That's an interesting combo to consider. Jones Customs CB750 Brat 4 The petrol tank is taken from an early 70's Honda cb750 which has that clean, flat underside line. It had to be modified to fit the later frame. Biltwell mustache handlebars take care of the steering and they conceal an Exile Cycles internal throttle plus Harley brake & clutch levers. There's also a 48mm electronic speedo, and the electrics are running with an Anti Gravity lithium ion battery mounted on the swingarm. Jones Customs CB750 Brat 5 The bike was then finished off in classic Candy Apple Red with an iridescent effect on the retro Honda style swooshed Black stripe. Simple and very appropriate. Jones Customs CB750 Brat 6 The outcome is one of those neat cartoon-customs that looks like the kind of custom bike you might see drawn on a T-shirt or poster. Ant is selling the bike, and if he's keen on his pricing I expect it'll be long gone before the end of the month. Thanks to Ant from Jones Customs for sharing on the Bike Shed. Email Ant HERE if you fancy the bike, and see his previous work on The Bike Shed's pages or the Jones Customs Website. Jones Customs CB750 Brat 7