Green genie 1 We love a good ebay find, but this one was a lot more interesting than most, and led it us to hooking up with Antony Jones of Jones Custom Cycles in the South of England. The bike is an unsusal hybrid, the donor being a 1981 Honda CB 750 wearing a 1971 old style tank, but the rest of the bike is made up of bits of Harley Davidson. Green genie 2 Ever since I was a kid I have loved customizing anything and everything. I had bikes when I was younger then got into building hot rods for myself, then marriage/mortage/kids kinda take over so just had to be content with stock sports bikes, then in 2007 I was watching an episode of biker build off which featured Russell Mitchell (Exile cycles) and it got my creative juices flowing again, so with that, I started building my first full, ground-up custom bike. Green genie 3 Once I'd finished that I wanted to do another and then another, so thats how Jones Customs was born in early 2009, although my taste in bikes has changed since then. I love building custom bikes no matter what make, although the majority I build are sportster bobbers - but I really dig what the Japanese shops are building, like Crazy Orange and Brat Style. Green genie 4 I thought I would do a mash-up of a 1981 Honda cb750 with a 1971 Honda CB tank and everything else pretty much Harley Davidson; the wheels/brakes/forks/yokes /handlebars & controls, seeing as I always have loads of Harley parts in the workshop. Green genie 5 I especially wanted to use wire spoked wheels as opposed to the horrible comstar wheels that the Honda comes with. There are a few nice trick custom parts used as well, like the Exile Cycles internal throttle and the tiny Anti Gravity lithium battery, as I like to keep my bikes as minimal as possible and hide as much of the electrics as possible. Green genie 6 It's really interesting to see the Harley Custom aesthetic applied to a modern-retro Brat Style build. It adds an unusual edge to this build that otherwise looks like a run of the mill CB750 custom. Nice work, Ant. Thanks for sharing and good luck with the sale on Ebay. See more of Ant's bikes at Jones Customs.