XS360 (9) 800 Justin has had an interest in motorcycles since before he learned to walk. "I have very early childhood memories of going for motorcycle rides with my dad and grandfather and wearing holes in the plastic wheels of the toy motorcycles I would ride around in the driveway." At about 10 years old he and his brother were finally given a 70cc two- stroke which they crashed regularly until they finally rode it into the ground. In his early teen years Justin started racing motocross and his obsession with bikes continued into his early twenties. He's now 40, still obsessed with bikes, and works as a Firefighter & Paramedic for the City of Boise in Idaho. XS360 (2) 800 Over the past couple of years Justin developed an interest in garage-built cafe/brat style customs. "I spent countless hours browsing the Internet looking for different things I liked or didn’t like. It didn’t take long to decide I wanted to try a build myself, and this 1977 Yamaha XS360 was my first." XS360 (6) 800 The donor was purchased from a local ad on the Craigslist classifieds. It was rough, it wasn’t running and there wasn’t a tight bolt to be found. Justin jumped in headfirst and disassembled the bike down to the frame. "I cut the tail off the frame, had a friend help with some of the fabrication work, and then had the frame and wheels powder coated. I had my brother teach me how to re-lace and true the wheels. The tank had a big dent in the side so I quickly learned how to do some body work and painted and clear coated it myself. I completely cleaned, polished and rebuilt the motor." XS360 (4) 800 The upholstery was done at a local shop. Justin showed the craftsman pictures of seats with diamond stitching and he was able to replicate it. The rear fender was picked up at a bone yard and cut to fit. The fat tyres are one of Justin's favorite features of the bike; 4.50X18 Cokers. XS360 (5) 800 The wiring came last. The stock harness had been cut and spliced so much it was useless so Justin had to start from scratch. XS360 (3) 800 "This build took me about six months just working on it in my spare time. I am currently working on a 1975 Yamaha RD350 that I am really excited about." xs360 (8) 800 The bike is used by Justin as a daily commuter to and from work and for fun rides around town. "Seems like everywhere I go people ask about it. They cant figure out what it is exactly." What it is, Justin, is the fruits of all your hard work - and is unique to you. Top work. See the CB350 Justin built for his wife Stephanie here. XS360 (7) 800 Pics by Just Kate Photography.