K-Kustom Honda 150 1 THUMB To prove how wide spread the custom bike scene has spread, here’s a lovely little tracker all the way from Indonesia. Built by Aries Thuex for a friend and customer, Aries has made a few custom bikes for himself and his friends and runs his workshop under the name K-Kustom Garage. The donor bike is a Honda Megapro 150 and is a 2010 bike, which is a smart move for a donor, old bikes are great, but a newer machine; especially a simple one will undoubtedly have more life left in it and have a few better parts than an old basket case, but that said, the only original parts remaining are the frame, swingarm, front and rear hubs and the motor! K-Kustom Honda 150 2 Wheels have gone from 18” to 17” and are dressed with cross purpose rubber, this bike has been built as a daily ride and to be capable on and off road. Aries tells us that he likes to do about 400km to test a bike after a build, not a bad habit to have, the last thing anyone having a bike built wants is to have to take it back a week later with a snagging list as long as your arm. Aries actually took the bike to a track, as seen in the image above, then to the beach, and that was just for the photos, so this bike has been given a thorough shake down. K-Kustom Honda 150 6 The bike has a few unique touches, the engine fins have been taken back, nothing original there, but then Aries has also engraved a few motifs, they’re subtle and not out of place and adds a little difference to the simple little Honda lump. I particularly like the mounting of the mirror within the top yoke clamp and the smiley airfilter cover brings a sense of fun to the bike for those that won't get the chance to be blessed with a go on her. K-Kustom Honda 150 3 Lighting is all new, from the small bates style headlamp with K-Kustoms KK logo; something all his builds have somewhere on them, to the stop/tail light and mini indicators, having the rear indies located upon the swingarm and the side mounted licence plate all helps keep the rear mudguard clutter free the short mudguards keep style and function together; after all this is an everyday ride. K-Kustom Honda 150 8 A rear drum brake is ample for a little bike, but I’m a true believer of having good stopping power and the 320mm disc upgrade ensures that this light weight will pull up without trouble; in fact it’ll probably be a bit too good when in the dirt, let’s hope the owner takes that into account! K-Kustom Honda 150 7 A twin seat and pillion pegs add to the bikes versatility; I love the pressed pattern in the seat cover, it reminds of a 70’s dirt bike, as does the overall stance of this 2010 machine, Aries has done a great job of keeping proportions spot on, she’s the right length and the right height with a nice level stance. K-Kustom Honda 150 4 The exhaust system is handmade by Aries, something many people just buy off the shelf and the tank, side panels and swingarm have continuity in their detailing, the deep blue paint and pin striping continue to echo the 70’s inspiration. The donors suspension was scrawny, so the rear shocks were swapped for an alternative and aesthetically pleasing set and the front forks were replaced with a meatier pair from a Yamaha Bison. This really does look like a great fun little bike and so well laid out, thanks for sharing it with us all Aries, we look forward to seeing what comes out of K-Kustom Garage next, to follow Aries blog, check out k-kustom.blogspot.com