This dark and majestic Beemer is the latest, and most different, bike to come out of Kevils' Devon workshop. With a sprung saddle over twin bullet-shaped indicator/tail lights combined with high brushed stainless pipes and ribbed fork gaitors it has a strange scrambler/chop look that reminds us a little of the brutal Galaxy Customs Beemer we featured a few weeks ago, but this is much more timeless... Or perhaps a bit "Victorian Steampunk from a parallel universe"? I don't think we've ever seen anything quite like it - yet it's unmistakeably a Kevils' bike with their snowflake wheels, clean lines and slim instruments. Based on a 1981 R100T the bike also features a gel battery hidden in vintage leather conductors bag, with black satin mudguards and polished stainless supports all made in house. Kev described the silencer as a "cocktail shaker" and combined with white-faced speedo, white grips and orange & white pin-striping painted by hand by tattoo guru, Simon Dent, from Exmouth in Devon, the whole thing comes together with stark contrasts in both shades and components. It's certainly totally individual and very different from the norm, and we suspect it will be a love/hate bike for most of our punters here and on Facebook. Side mounted plate also adds to the complex mix of custom styles, neither cafe, scrambler, tracker or brat... We love it. Check out more of Kevils' bikes and builds here on the Bike Shed or at Kevils.