Blackjack LSFA 800 Down in deepest Surrey, Russ will be counting the days before Kev Hill & Co at Kevils deliver his new baby, this cafe racer'd BMW, which has been given the nickname, "Black Jack". Blackjack LSRA 800 The donor is a 1982 BMW R80, which has been given the usual Kevils treatment, fitted out in proper cafe racer style with scooped L-shaped seat unit and Ace bars to give a clip-on style bar position. Add a set Rassk rearsets and you get a proper head-down, arse-up aggressive riding stance.

Blackjack FALS 800

To get the paint looking this rich and deep the guys mixed Ford metallic Panther Black (ooooh) with Red Pearl from the latest Ferraris. Wheels are Kevil's favourites, the standard but much-sought-after Snowflakes, powdercoated black.

Blackjack Combo 800

To compliment the deep fire-red and black paint, the seat is upholstered in a Oxblood leather tuck and roll, matched with trendy brown grips.

Blackjack RARS 800 Twin chrome Mega silencers take care of the acoustics, while speed is monitored using a small, slimline white-faced speedo from Kev's secret source. Blackjack RARS 800

And then there's the rest; upgraded brake discs, the Kevil's ally seat unit, a new top yoke, rear subframe, and the hidden battery - all you'd expect from the usual thorough job we've come to expect from this Devon workshop.

Enjoy her Russ!

Blackjack RSRA 800

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Blackjack Workshop