Kevils 11 6 Kevils are on a roll this month with a second coffee & cream coloured beemer, this time with a more traditional cafe racer stance and lines. The bike is named 'Eleven' as the owner, Luc, has just added it to his collection of ten other motorcycles. Lucky sod. Kevils 11 7 The donor is a 1983 R100, sporting snowflake wheels (a modern classic) in satin black with matching Megaphone end cans. The tank is standard BMW this time around, but the seat is a Kevils original; their new design with integrated tail light and it looks to be very good quality. The flared and tapered stripes also look really good on this setup. Kevils 11 Rear A tuck & roll distressed leather seat matches the brown grips and toffee brown stripe in the cream, toffee and silver paint scheme, and there are other nice touches like the black headlight rim, engine barrels and top cover. Kevils 11 4 The bars are TUV approved clips-ons, with Raask rearsets taking care of the foot controls. Slimline clock sits above the colour matched headlamp fixed by a top yoke/bracket combo that also holds the ignition key. The battery is tucked well out of site to keep the sub frame clear of clutter. Kevils 11 3 The bike looks clean, simple, classic and sets a high benchmark for affordable customs, with a cafe racer that you could park anywhere, next to anything, with pride. A bike to glance back at several times as you walk away. See more from Kevils on the Bike Shed, or on their own pages, here. Kevils 11 1