Formerly known simply as a 1983 R100RS, this 1000cc Beemer is now more affectionately known as "Erica" by her new owner, put together by gurus of the flat twin cafe custom, Kevils, based down in Devon in the UK. According to Kev Hill, this bike has had the full monty, being graced with twin-plug heads, and the sparks driven by Dyno coils and an ignition booster. Having burned the fuel more efficiently than the usual Boxer of that era, burnt gases exit through Supertrapp silencers with unusually long, sloped cones, slash-cut at the ends. The standard RS already benefits from Brembo brakes, oil cooler and rear disc brake as standard so she's a great donor. Erica's forks are stiffened with San Jose braces coupled with Kevils' own shortie front mudguard, Kevils Alloy seat unit unit and Tuck and roll leather upholstery. Raask rearsets take care of the riding position and foot controls, and here's a better view of those unusual slash-cut extended Supertrapp silencers. The battery is tucked away under the seat and OEM sidestand is swapped out for a Surefoot item while Koni rear shocks support Kevils' favourite snowflake wheels, which are powder coated black to match the blacked-out engine. Up top, a white-faced speedo is mounted on a Kevils' brushed stainless top yoke plate, while the rest of the bike is finished in Lancia Bronze Pearl with white racing stripes and a BMW silver headlamp to light-up those twisty corners after dark. Kev's tells us his brief was a to build a proper minimalist cafe racer with humped race seat, and dropped bars, emulating the look and feel of clips-ons, but also having all the bells & whistles you'd expect on a useable daily ride that shifts when you pin the throttle. We say; job done! See more from Kevil's here on the Bike Shed's Kevils pages, or on Kevils' own website.