Kevils Firenze 1 Kevils Speed Shop no longer needs an introduction; this latest build, Firenze, is the 30th bike we have featured on Bike Shed. Kev must be doing something right as his winning formula keeps the customers returning, the order book full and money in the pockets of those flogging donor BMW r-series machines. Kevils Firenze 2 Apparently the latest Land Rover colour chart yielded the paint code for this build and also the name, Firenze. No influence was drawn from one of Italy's finest cities; Florence if your looking at an English version of an Italian map. Although a tenuous link could be made to the cafè culture over there, and perhaps a bar and restaurant in Nantwich, England of the same name. Very tenuous indeed. Kevils Firenze 3 So, the donor is a 1982 R80 and the build was supposed to be an infill to keep Kev busy whilst waiting for fabrication work on some commissioned projects, that was until a chap from Lebanon got in touch and waved his cheque book. Now completed this red beauty is winging its way to the French influenced region to enjoy a life being ridden between cafès. Kevils Firenze 4 The far end features the trademark Kevils subframe with their own cafè seat unit, upholstered in black leather and stop light neatly grafted in. Styles are blended with the addition of upturned drag bars and a high level stainless Street Tracker exhaust. Hagon shocks look way better than standard units, make for a more comfortable ride and improve handling; so fitting them is a no brainer. Kevils Firenze 5 Motogadget's do-it-all speedo and dash unit, the Motoscope Pro provides all the necessary information in a slick Germanic fashion, neatly doing away with bundles of extraneous wiring. Kevils Firenze 6 Avon Distanza's offer plenty of grip on the black stuff and suggest a modicum of off-road potential with their fast looking, large-knobbed tread pattern, adding to the Street Tracker attitude. The small Halo headlight packs plenty of lumens whilst reducing actual and visual bulk. Kevils Firenze 7 As with all Kevil's Speed Shop builds, the donors are fully stripped, cleaned, powder coated and painted before bolting on an array of high-end components. A machined-from-billet-aluminium fluid reservoir, connected to a modern (Looks like Nissin - I stand awaiting correction) lever, assists in shedding momentum when these weighty bikes get into their stride. Kevils Firenze 8 Mikuni carbs replace slightly lethargic Bing's and provide a crisper throttle response, warranting the step-up in braking performance. Hopefully he will park up long enough to take some decent pictures of this bike in its new habitat. Kevils Firenze 9 By the time we've posted this I'm sure another BMW will be on the bench, being offered a new lease of life. If you like what you see and want to get in line and commission a build of your own, then get in touch with Kev by email or keep an eye on their Facebook page for updates.