Great Escape LSFA 800

Looks like the guys down at Kevils in Paignton have been enjoying themselves creating this retro homage to the late, great Mr McQueen, but with a German twist. Although the bike is, of course, a BMW, this 1977 R75/7 has actually got quite a few Triumph parts grafted onto it including Girling rear shocks.

Great Escape RALS 800

The bike was built in time for the Stafford show for the MotoLegends Barbour/Belstaff promo stand so she was rushed out the door, but not before a mammoth amount of work went into the bike, including newer spec heads, nicasil coated barrels and other trick parts. Most people at the show seemed to think it was a late 1940s bike.

Great Escape RARS 800

Like any war time machine the bike was built for business, and apparently on rations too as there are no unnecessary luxuries like clocks or indies, just an amp gauge in the headlight, plus a rear rack (for grenades?) and under the mudguard there's a stabiliser bar to stop the fender wobbling on landing after jumping any barbed wire fences.

Great Escape Rear 800

Even the UK reg plate looks kinda German...

Great Escape RSRA2 800

We'll leave the last word to Kev Hill... "Umm it's a great ride!, honestly I felt like Steve riding around Paignton on the test ride I just couldn't find a fence to jump, or any Germans to out run." Great Escape LSRA 800 See more from Kevils here on The Bike Shed, or head over to their Wesbite for more of their eclectic collection of BMW customs.