Kevils Zombie A Kevils Speed Shop might have become synonymous with BMW's R Series but Kev and the team certainly aren't one trick ponies. After an arm-twisting and a desire to work on something a bit different this Flying Brick landed in their Paignton workshop ready for a post apocalyptic, Mad Max makeover. Kevils Zombie BIn for a penny, in for a pound. The donor is an early nineties 1100cc version with 4 valves per cylinder, a single sided swingarm and ABS with floating Brembos. All this weight and modernity gave Kev a nose bleed so the K Series was put on a diet, the first few pounds shed being the brake pump, control unit and associated plumbing. Kevils Zombie D The stock subframe also made it to the bin, replaced by an in-house fabricated unit welded in place rather than the bolt-on affair common to the workshop's usual builds. Kev wasn't content with the lines though so the rear was jacked-up courtesy of a more lanky R100GS monoshock. Kevils Zombie E To balance the single swinger a pair of Akraprovic pipes were liberated from an R nineT and fitted to the wrapped stock headers. The saddle is also thick enough to work visually and the non-slip suede should stop the rider from being splayed around that fat tank under heavy braking. Kevils Zombie F The donor was previously owned by a touring gent who'd clocked up gentle miles enjoying the winding roads of Europe so in a break from the tradition of a complete engine rebuild the KSS workshop were happy enough to let this one leave with just a inspection and thorough service. After all, just coz you polish a brick, it doesn't suddenly become marble. Kevils Zombie GPart of the mash-up flavour was thanks to a trip to B&Q for a sheet of decorative mesh and some fake rivets. Something tells us Kev was unleashing the creative inside with this build. Kevils Zombie In a departure from the usual detail obsessed boxer builds Kev and the guys have enjoyed themselves, putting together a bike perhaps more reminiscent of customs from the early days of the new wave scene. Kevils Speed Shop have the largest Bike Shed Archive on the Bike Shed. See more from KSS on Web | Facebook | Instagram