Kevils 1979 BMW R100 Lava 1 Back with a bang with their first bike of 2015 are those perennial boxer specialists from Paignton in Devon, Kevil's Speed Shop. The specialist team Kev has assembled in that beautiful part of Britain are so complete in their knowledge and accomplished in their skill sets regarding the BMW platform that they can create any machine the discerning customer may desire. Clients are of course the lifeblood of the business but occasionally the workshop team have a little space available in their hectic schedule to build a bike without the opinions and cravings of a client, when they do, the resulting machine inevitably has the queues forming and the telephone clamouring. Kevils 1979 BMW R100 Lava 2 "Lava" is one such machine. The intention was to build a very minimal BMW R100/7 1000cc street scrambler to show and sell. With rugged off road pretensions and utilitarian simplicity in mind Kevil's found themselves leafing through the Land Rover colour swatch book for inspiration. Vesuvius was the hue that caught the eye. The burnt orange tone is a familiar foil for the chunky rubber and no nonsense visuals of the classic Land Rover range and on this Beemer has found itself once again married with the sort of styling that summons dreams of overland wanderlust. A two wheeled Defender. Kevils 1979 BMW R100 Lava 3 One of the most striking elements of the build is the sheer space around the engine, Kev explains, "We opted for a aftermarket top engine cover leaving the bike air box free and fitted some k&n style air filters for the jetted up Mikuni carbs." Swapping the tank for a cleverly modified 1970's Kawasaki KZ400 item also assists in the reveal of the lump. The tank is the only part of the bike to receive a dose of the Land Rover colour, with a contrasting graphite grey stripe for good measure. Kevils 1979 BMW R100 Lava 4 The tank flows perfectly into Kevil's own newly developed scrambler rear subframe, it is topped by a skinny diamond stitched leather seat lending the bike a low, purposeful profile. The frame received a high gloss graphite powder coat along with the spoked wheels, fork bottoms and selected engine parts. Kev opted for the ever popular Conti TKC tyres to adorn the rims and maintain the "all purpose" vehicle theme. Kevils 1979 BMW R100 Lava 5 The fabrication department chipped in with a sturdy lower fork brace to stiffen up the front end and the appealing headlight guard which protects the cool halo headlamp from errant branches, stones, wing mirrors and the like. I wonder if that colour swatch was displayed on a bull bar wearing four wheeler? The effect and protection are the same. Kevils 1979 BMW R100 Lava 6 A titanium wrapped, two-into-one, high level exhaust system married with twin scrambler silencers provides the audio accompaniment whilst a tiny led tail light and discreet rear indicators fitted into the subframe supports provide the visual alerts for the trailing masses. Kevils 1979 BMW R100 Lava 7 "As With all Kevils BMW Builds all the framework is refurbished & powder coated , all the mechanicals including the engine , transmission & differentials are completely rebuilt replacing all bearings & seals ,every single electrical component is upgraded including the wiring loom ,the fuel system is replaced for new & the braking system is over hauled , all this work is carried out by our experienced team of technicians ,providing our customers with a reliable quality product." Kevils 1979 BMW R100 Lava 8Another beautiful bike, as we have come to always expect and enjoy from Kevil's Speed Shop. We doubt it will take too long for a customer to realise that the designs of the team are far superior to their own imaginings and for "Lava" to garner a proud new owner, contacts are on the website. Head over to Kevil's resplendent Bikeshed page to see more of their sumptuous Boxers and pick your favourite - this latest is mine.