Kev Hill, AKA Kevils Speedshop, has whipped-up another lovely custom Beemer, based on the trusty old R100. This lovely little scrambler was commissioned by Matt Bardock and has been given the catchy moniker "Siren" which could be because she is a seaside beauty that will tempt you to your doom, or perhaps it's the sound of the Police chasing the owner through town after some over enthusiastic stunting on the Queen's highway? Either way, she's a beauty, and an one of the few options for owning an affordable unique custom motorcycle that you really can ride every day and in all weathers. Keep it up Kev. Gotta love a side-mounted plate when it comes to keeping the tail pure and clean. Very naughty in non-DOT approved silver & black tho. Nee nah nee nah... That grill on the end can will keep the mice from nesting over winter... Check out Kevils Speedshop on Facebook for regular updates and bike banter.