Obviously this isn't an actual Husqvarna, but anyone familiar with their range will have seen images of the likes of Steve McQueen sitting astride a manly-looking dirtbike in exactly these colours, so it's understandable why Kev & Co at Kevils Speedshop decided to nickname this latest R80 build "Husky"

Apart from the paint scheme one standout feature is Kevils own high-level brsuhed stainless exhast system, which snakes over the clinders and white numberboard like a drawing in a Dr Seuss book. The metal polished Street Scrambler seat is also Kevil's own, trimmed in tuck'n'roll leather.

Up front the matt black headlamp is complemented hy a small white faced speedo and mid-level silver satin braced dirtbike style bars. Wheels are also powder coated in satin finish black.

Overall it's another lovely Kevils beemer, adding to their inventory of quality BMW custom builds. Kev says; "We are really pleased with the way it all goes together the colour and proportion balance is good" We agree.

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