K Sapphire 1 THUMBDemand is a tricky thing. I learn't in economics class that one can plot such a thing on a rather boring looking graph, and that a man called Jean-Baptiste Say invented a law which stated; if Kevils Speed Shop keep building gorgeous bikes then people will queue up to buy them. Jean is dead, and French, but I think he was onto something. Kev also offers two-wheeled tailoring to the stars of Hollywood. With a back up tank and tail, in NATO green, this bike with feature in the next Daniel Radcliffe, Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine film; Now You See Me II, in cinemas summer 2016. K Sapphire 2 The colour chosen for this build was from the modern BMW car range, a shade savoured for the sporty and range-topping M-series. Now, those of you with small people will know that any mention of the simple verb for water in a chilly, solid state has Santa's elves running for cover, so Kev Hill (need we say, boss of Kevils?) ignored the Bavarian nitwit in the paint naming department and instead opted for Sapphire as the moniker for this build. Conjuring a more serene and opulent image. K Sapphire 3 The donor in this case was a 1984 R80, which received the customary and undignified Kevils strip-down. With a Beemer laid bare assessment can be made as to how deep the rebuild needs to go. But Kev doesn't buy shitters so ordinarily a bounty of new parts puts most subjects back into action. Although this example was in good order, a full nut and bolt, ground-up restoration was carried out. Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman are far too old to be bump-starting recalcitrant old motorcycles and Daniel Radcliffe isn't old enough to know what a carburettor is, so reliability on set was key. K Sapphire 4The bike is Kevils signature style café racer fitted with parts straight from their own stock shelves. R&D over the last few years has resulted in more modern fabrication efficiencies, Jean-Baptiste would be very impressed. The stainless 2-into-1 low level stainless exhaust system with upswept stubby can, mudguards, seat unit and saddle are KSS items available to shed builders across the globe. K Sapphire 5 Mikuni carbs are a regular upgrade on custom R-series, a proven formula that delivers crisper throttle response and a releases spritely ponies from the Boxer motor, rather than the stubborn mules of the standard setup. Raask rear sets ensure the extra pep is enjoyed from a sportier position. K Sapphire 6 Drag bars are a no nonsense option, visually they are clean and a darn sight more comfortable that cramped clipons. A billet fluid reservoir with braided hose a slick interruption to the uncluttered cockpit. A Motogadget Motoscope Pro touch screen speedo sits neatly above the Halo LED headlight and matches the curves nicely. K Sapphire 7 The frame was powder coated metalic silver to give the matt blue a bit more pop, which works well the majority of the components being silver. Black Hagon shocks, barrels, heads and timing cover in coated with a textured black finish punctuate the light palette. K Sapphire 8 If you fancy this Bavarian beauty and have room for her in a safe, warm garage then drop Kev a line; she's for sale. Head to the Kevils Speed Shop website or keep an eye on Facebook. Photography by Focal Point Studios, Torbay.