Sarge is the latest BMW scrambler/cafe hybrid to emerge from the workshops of Kev Hill down the deepest Devon, and it's another beauty, built to just get on and ride, whether it's down to the cafe on a sunny Sunday or off to work on the daily commute. Kevils have been turning out BMW based bikes like this for a while now, and while a few people complain that they have a formula running, we think they've simply nailed a niche. Most shops have a style or a method, whether it's Brat style seats with flat bars or a particular style of paint and finish, but often this what turns a great bike builder into a great bike brand. Khaki green paint, tan seat & grips, stone-guard on the headlamp and machine-gun high exhaust inspire the military moniker, with chunky purposeful tyres and most of the engine and running gear in no-nonsense black. ...All she needs is a real machine gun on the front and she'd make the perfect London commuter. We wish. Pipework leading to the single exit endcan is beautiful. ...although, if that was my bike I'd have drilled the sidepanel to look like it was riddled with bullet holes... Hmmm... Side mounted plate shows a clean pair of heels to anyone left behind and makes the most of the sharp, minimal seat. Check out Kevil's Speedshop's other builds here on The Bike Shed or head over to their website, and maybe order yourself up some new wheels for next spring!