Kevils Scout 1 The latest Boxer from Kevils Speedshop in Devon is a 1980 R100 Street Scrambler called Scout, and it was commissioned by a leasing company executive in Kansas in the US. "Having had so much interest from a selection of street scrambler's we built a couple of years ago especially "Sarge" we decided to create a bike that rewrites the rule book, our new style rear subframe design not only looks very utility it actually serves a purpose as a rear luggage rack." Kevils Scout 2 The bike has been stripped and completely rebuilt from the ground up, with the engine transmission, drive-shaft and diff as brand new zero-miles nits. High compression pistons with Nicasil bores and big-valve heads on this 1000cc RS gives a punchy 70bhp on a bike which is a lot lighter and more nimble than you'd expect. Kevils Scout 3 The carbs are now Mikuni, rejetted to suit the free-breathing Kevils pipes. There's a new heavy0duty charging system and regulator and a Valeo starter, which is half the weight of the OEM Bosch unit and draws less power while turning the engine over faster. Kevils Scout 4 The clutch is also a new heavy duty unit, the brakes have been rebuilt with new Kevils rotors, even the wheel spindles have been replaces. So, for anyone wondering what all the fuss and expense is all about on a proper custom build, this is where it all starts. You get a bike that feels brand new and is a whole lot more than a cosmetic upgrade. Kev also wants his customers to know their new bike is built to last, and to be on par with more modern machines. Kevils Scout 5 Wide bars and knobby tyres give the bike a scrambler stance while the kicked-up seat is more cafe/brat, and looks very cool in brown leather, matched with the gummi grips on the bars. The usual slimline speedo takes care of instrumentation and lighting is simple and neat, with a stone guard over the headlamp. Kevils Scout 6 The bike has been finished in satin Black, contrasting with copper details in the wheel hubs, foot controls, brackets, headlamp rim and petrol cap. Most sophisticated. ...Innit. Kevils Scout 7 This early morning photo shoot took place a mile away from the shop at a local beauty spot called Gas Works Beach, where let's just say we had some fun with this scrambler especially as the tide was coming in, Kevils Scout 8 "The bike was put together by my team of experienced professionals while I was away in Germany attending the Motorrad days festival where BMW kindly invited us to display our bikes and apparel." ...Seems like BMW are quite taken with Kevils' reputation in the UK, and have given them a brand spanking new BMW R NineT to play with. We can't wait to see that. Kevils Scout 9 Many thanks to Ashley Kent for the pics taken at Gas Works beach, which is obviously a lot prettier than it sounds. See more from Kevils Speedshop here on The Bike Shed’s Kevils pages, their Facebook page and Website.