Here's another fine scrambler boxer twin from the West Country's Kevils Speed Shop, this time given the moniker, Sparky. The build was commissioned by John in London, and is based on a 1980 BMW R100 featuring a chrome powder coated tank, custom high level stainless two into one exhaust, retro rocker covers, polished aluminium side panels, fully upholstered cafe seat and digital speedo

Personally speaking, I can't get enough of he current crop of Beemers being turned into custom scramblers and cafe racers. There aren't many bikes that provide such a versatile platform that's cheap and easy to work on, with a plentiful supply of donor bikes and interchangeable parts, which will all bolt or weld together to provide a custom you can use all day, every day, come rain or shine, and chances are you'll still be riding it in twenty years.

As ever, Kev keeps it real when it comes to pricing, so we're happy to report a build like this would cost you a very reasonable £6,000 for something unique to you.