Kevils Ace II 1 After a year of just editing, I've now been writing full features in the shed for several months, and it must to be going well as I've been given the chance to write up a Kevils bike. For those of you that have been following us for a while, you'll be familiar with Kevils Speed Shop; for those of you that are new, let me introduce you: Kevin Hill is the mastermind behind Kevils Speed Shop based down in Paignton, Devon, UK. They specialise in BMW's and there aren't many builders out there that know their way around these airheads like Kevils do, Kev has assembled an A team crew to cover every area of the build process from CAD design, machining, mechanics, electrics, Paint, upholstery and even hair and refreshments... thanks to Ally, Kev's charismatic partner. Kevils Ace II 6 This latest build is the second commission by Glenn, a commercial Air Conditioning entrepreneur based in North West England, the first was 'Oldtimer' as previously featured on the shed. One day Glen found himself in the big smoke and on a visit to the relatively new Belstaff store on New Bond Street (yes it's rather posh there) he saw Kevs original Ace on display, which just so happens to be David Beckhams bike after Belstaff gifted him with it following both the 2013 Belstaff promotional movie and to celebrate David winning GQ man of the year... if it's that easy to get a free Kevils bike, I'm entering this year.... that's how it works right? Kevils Ace II 7 So the Ace II, it's not a copy, it shares the same marque and has been treated to the same thorough reconditioning treatment that all Kevils bikes get, but this is the R100, with the more powerful 1000cc RS motor. In addition to the upgraded engine the Ace II has polished alloy deep valance wheel rims that are dressed in some modern rubber and with the twin vented discs up front this bike will pull, turn and stop just as well as most modern bikes, yet gain more admiring glances than any factory bike out there. Kevils Ace II 2 The Alloy light pod and all the polished metal work is hand fabricated in house by Kevils expert team. Their own under slung exhaust system ends with a single mini megaphone, making it not only an individual stand out part, but it also ensures that people will hear this beauty coming, I'm sure she sounds amazing. Kevils Ace II 5 Up front she wears clip-ons that carry the required switch gear, throttle and the race style levers and then covered with some retro brown grips, which add a little contrast to the polished metal and black paint. The top yoke is a one piece that includes the mounting point for the DanMoto speedo and then perfectly centralised is the ignition, leaving it as neat as a top yoke should be. Kevils Ace II 3 The Monza Cap and tank work so well on any café racer, but when the ride is as well balanced as a Kevils build, they do look like they've been married to the bike for years. The polishing that has gone into this bike must have taken an age, paint has been applied though, but just to the frame and of course the engine; for a full fresh look to match it's over-hauled internals. Kevils Ace II 9 Out back she wears Hagon shocks to guarantee a modern and comfortable ride, which is further encouraged by the high backed single seat. Rear lights are inset for that seamless flow and blinkers; whilst chunkier than many fitted to some custom bikes out there, are smaller than standard, but still noticeable to any short-sighted Audi drivers (can't really say BMW drivers!) Kevils Ace II 4 This build is yet another bike that we've featured that made it to Wheels and Waves, it is after all where all the cool people and their bikes go, and 'Ace II' found many an admirer whilst there, but then that's no surprise, she is a pretty thing! Kevils Ace II 8 Thanks to everyone at Kevils, you've done it again, if you want to check out Kevils back catalogue, here's their shed page and for their website, go here. Thanks are also extended to Ashley Kent for the cracking photographs.