Kevils Speedster A The latest Boxer to rumble out of Kevil's Speedshop in Paignton is a lovely clean and classic cafe racer based on a 1981 R80. The bike was commissioned by Scott, a 'dental professional' from Bristol and the build was to be his daily ride to and from work. Kevils Speedster C The starting point for the build was Scott's new Eggshell-Blue Davida helmet, and it was from this that Kev Hill came up with the rest of the brief. Kev wanted to create something slightly different from their 'signature cafe racer' format, so they fitted their new Imola-style seat which was upholstered in black leather binding. Kevils Speedster D Kevils Speedster E The twin silencers were finished in black satin, matched to the engine barrels, heads and Hagon shocks, as well as their speedo/yoke assembly. Clip-on bars and rear-set pegs completed the cafe racer riding position, tucking the riders bum up against the back of the Imola seat. Bar controls are from a sportsbike. The battery is tucked under the seat. Kevils Speedster F The BMW snowflake rimes were finished in black and fitted with modern sports tyres for decent turn in on Scott's daily commutes. The rest is the usual quality fair, with new lights, electrics, brackets etc, all finished off in very classic BMW racing colours in 70's racing stripes. Kevils Speedster G "Not exactly what I expected" Scott apparently said when he received the pictures of his finished machine "but I love what you have done for me". Phew. We should think so too. Kevils Speedster H See more from Kevils Speedshop on The Bike Shed’s Kevils pages, their Facebook page and Website. Kevils Speedster J