Kevils Spunik 1 Either Kev Hill is ruled by a Thatcher-esque sleeping schedule or the guys in his workshop are still looking for the holiday request forms. It only seems a couple of weeks since we featured the last bike from Kevils Speed Shop and here's another fine example. Kevils Spunik 2 Sputnik was built for customer George who spends time between England and Russia hence the name and satellite theme; using a 1978 BMW R80/7 donor. As with all Kevil's customs the bikes are stripped completely, painted, powder-coated, serviced; with engines rebuilt if necessary. Kevils Spunik 3 The subframe is a break from the norm with the rear loop more rectangular, but streamlined all the same and finished with a sumptuous brown diamond stitched leather seat; designed for two-up comfort. The 12v charging point allows George to keep his iPad full of juice while it's transported around in the matching brown leather pannier bag. To think that there is considerably more computing power in that pannier than that available to the first NASA mission to the moon is mind boggling, and Sputnik's launch predated that by over a decade. Kevils Spunik 4 The fuel tank looks like a normal R-series monolith but in this case the material is a touch more space age than Bavaria's original mild steel unit. An aluminium replica was fabricated to the stock dimensions, then brushed and clear coated. Side panels and stainless steel mudguards complete the bare look. Kevils Spunik 5 Low and wide bars allow George to wrestle his '80 around whilst the visual flow of the bike is uninterrupted. The guys at Digital Speedos sent over a new Koso all-in-one unit to try so that takes pride of place and makes up the minimal dash. The headlight grill compliments the luggage and scrambler style, suggesting an off-road excursion is imminent. The much revered Heidenau Scouts are currently one of the best dual-sport tyres available; so Kev fitted a pair. A sturdy fork brace sits between the rebuilt forks in case George decides to put the tyres to the test. Kevils Spunik 6 To match the pannier a neat leather tool roll lives under the rear hoop, not only providing obvious back up but dealing with the issue of the mudguard to saddle void. A sleek, in-house fabricated scrambler exhaust with perforated heat shield looks the nuts and will provide a bark, while the Mikuni carbs offer more bite. Kevils Spunik 7 Kev would like to point out that the emblem on the fuel tank was requested by the owner and intends no offence, should any be taken. To turn your ideas into a BMW based reality get in touch with Kev via their website.