Kingston Custom 4a When it comes to bike features we try to persuade builders to tell us the human story behind the build. Tech specs are interesting, but what makes us want to spend more time looking at photos of a stunning build is as much about who built it, and why, as it is about how beautifully the build has been executed and what challenges were met along the way. Kingston Custom 3 In this case we failed to get Dirk Oehlerking from Kingston Custom in Germany, but having held out for more copy for a while, we came to the conclusion that perhaps Dirk's story really is best told by the detail he's poured into this BMW R75/6 bobber build. Kingston Custom 2 Not only is the quality of workmanship obvious for anyone to see, what we love about this build are the proportions, from the tank to the stance, and the simplified suspension, but there's more to it that that. Although the bike shouts retro when it comes to the finishes and upholstery, this isn't a classic or restoration build, when you look closely this is a thoroughly up to date bike with dual disc brakes and a punchy engine that'll happily do the business on any modern city streets. Kingston Custom 1 See more from Dirk and Kingston Customs on his Website, and discover the essence of this man through his work. As he says, "I'm a builder, not an author" - and we're just fine with that. (For now)